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Where are the best snorkeling spots on Gili Trawangan? Where can I see turtles?

The Gili Islands are known for their crystal clear waters, excellent snorkeling spots and many people come here especially to see the giant sea turtles.

Swimming and snorkeling are best on the north and east side of Gili Trawangan. Therefore please take a look at the map posted below in this article. 
As further north you go as more quiet it gets on the beach. At the north beach you have to be very careful though with sea urchins so bring your aqua shoes if you have some.

Best is to settle down in one of the beach bars where you can also rent snorkeling equipment. I do not recommend renting snorkeling eqipment anywhere on the way to the beach because it can happen that either mask or snorkel or both is broken or the fins do not fit well which will result in you walking back to where you rented the equipment. So best is to rent from the place where you sit. The prices are usually the same everywhere and shouldn't be more than 30.000IDR per day for a whole set (mask/snorkel/fins).

Most sun beds are free of charge if you drink or eat something there. Just ask and enjoy your relaxing day on the beach. 

My favourite place to hang out is Easy cafe because they have nice sunbeds and a huge tree with a lot of shadow. 

Easy Cafe
  To see the turtles, swim a little further away from the shore and search on the ground, they often sleep there. Sometimes when you are lucky a turtel will swim past you and you can see it coming up to get some air. Just please do not touch them because it will scare them and they are more likely to get an infection after humans touch them.

Also please be careful with the currents which can be really strong at certain times. Don't attempt to swim to our neighbour island Meno, it looks closer than it is. 
It is also not a good idea to try to go over there by stand-up paddle. Many people have to get rescued by a boat because the currents inbetween the islands are so powerful that they simply miss Meno island and drift to the open sea.

If you stay close to the shore everything should e fine though.

Enjoy your beach day! 

The north and east side are the best snorkel spots
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  1. Great article. Really good ideas. Am hoping my little fish will love snorkeling as much as I do. We are heading to the beach next summer, so lots of time to practice. Best Snorkeling in Bali