Montag, 12. September 2016

15 things you only know when you live in Gili

Living in the Gili Island is definitely special and many things are different to the ordinary 9 to 5 life at home. So, when you are living here you are probably familiar with the following 15 points, if not you are getting a little sneak peek into the daily struggles and joys of us islanders:

When you live in the Gili Islands, you know....

1.  The awesome feeling when everything goes back to normal after a 14 hour "mati lampu" (power cut)

2. The disappointment when Pizzeria Regina or La Dolce Vita is closed

3. The song "I follow rivers" gets a whole new meaning when the monsoon hits Gili again

Road or river?

4. Every now and then your accomodation suddendly has a pool

5. Your social life is better than a primetime soap

6. You gained many brothers and sisters

7. One Bottle of rice wine and one cup is more than enough for 15 people at the party

8. At least 1 of your friends has dreadlocks and/or can play guitar

9. You have at least 1 cat as a pet, maybe some chickens and goats too

10. Waking up at 1am from the delicate peeping of your listric meter, running out of power by 3am

11. You constantly sit somewhere on the floor or in a berugak

12. Having a hot shower takes you to a whole new level

13. You can sing popular Reggae songs backwards (cos you heard them so often)

14You probably wear more than 1 bracelet and at least one with a Lombok pearl

15. You have never seens this many sunsets in your life before coming to these beautiful islands

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