Montag, 7. März 2016

Solar Eclipse 2016 and Nyepi

Lunar eclipse on Gili T, April 4th 2015

Today, on March, 8th 2016, the Gili Islands are getting packed with visitors from all around the world because of Bali's day of silence - Nyepi on March, 9th. According to the Balinese law you are not allowed to leave your house or accomodation for the whole day and spend a day of silence, meditation and self reflection at home. It not only applys for locals but also for tourists. Nobody will be on the streets, no cars, motorbikes and even the airport will be closed - hence a true day of silence.
This means Lombok and the Gili Island are flooded with people who are trying to escape this situation which creates a tiny high season in low season for us.

Tomorrow though is not only Nyepi, it is also a special astronomical day because here in Indonesia we are getting the pleasure of witnessing a total solar eclipse. Here on Gili we will be able to see about 80% of it. In the early morning at 7:22am the Moon's shadow starts becoming visible over the Sun's disc and has it's maximum which is visible for us at 8:28am, ending at 9:43am. More info about that can be found on TimeandDate.com.

Via timeanddate.com

Please make sure to protect your eyes and do not look direcly into the sun which will result in irreparably eye damage!

The last astronomical event here was the lunar eclipse on April, the 4th 2015 when the Blood Moon was rising over Gili Trawangan.

The next total solar eclipse in Indonesia which is is similar to the one on March, 9th will not be before 2023 so make sure you do not miss the show tomorrow! :)

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